Hello Pratibha - Episode 16 - February 13, 2015 - Full Episode

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About Episode:
Pratibha sees her family enjoying their food and is lost in the thoughts of what Pushpa Chachi had said about her relationship with Mahen. She suddenly shouts out and the entire family is alerted. Pratibha makes an excuse by saying that she is worried about her mother's ill health, her husband asks her to got to the hospital to meet her mother. Pihu meanwhile is eager to impress her school friends and she tries to ask Sunidhi for her watch. After refusing initially Sunidhi does agree to give her the watch. Later, Pihu lies to her mother that her money has been stolen and she manages to take the money from her mother and when she finds the cash to be less she goes on to steal it from her mother's purse. Sunidhi later follows Pratibha to the hospital as she is sure that Pratibha is trying to meet her new lover. While Pratibha meets her mother in the hospital, Pushpa Chachi seems to be meeting an old man. Who is this old man? Will Pushpa Chachi and Pratibha meet each other at the hospital? Find out here.
Homemaking is a tedious full time job but often in India, the sacrifices of a women looking after the house go completely unnoticed. These are familial obligations, which in India only a woman is supposed to shoulder but the drudgery a woman experiences eternally in a marriage as a housewife is never a matter of concern. She cooks, cleans, runs the house but has no say in the important issues. She is the hands, legs and eyes of the family but has no voice. She dutifully looks after her husband, her children and her in-laws, only to be scorned at or completely ignored. Eventually she cries out of the tedium of household chores that are forced on her by all family members until she starts feeling that marriage has become a trap rather than a loving relationship.

Cast: Binny Sharma
Telecast Date: February 13, 2015
Episode Number: 16
Available on:

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