Will Abhi Find Pragya?

Will Abhi Find Pragya?

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya features Pragya along with Bulbul as they decide to play a prank on Abhi and Purab by hiding. Their prank backfires as Pragya gets kidnapped by Neel Thakur's goons. Here, Abhi, Purab and other members of the family frantically search for Pragya but are unable to find her.
That same night, Suresh meets with an accident with a car and sees an unconscious Pragya with some goons. He tries to call out to Pragya and wake her up which only alarms the goons and they try to escape with Pragya. Suresh tries to follow and stop them on his scooter but the goons run over Suresh and hide Pragya in a shack. An injured Suresh comes to Abhi's house and informs him about some goons kidnapping Pragya. Abhi immediately calls up the police to trace Pragya.

Meanwhile, Neel Thakur comes to the shack and is shocked to see that his henchmen have kidnapped Pragya instead of Bulbul. Neel is upset as he had planned to kidnap Bulbul and marry her and now his entire plan has gone kaput. Alia calls up Neel and informs him that Abhi has started searching for Pragya and tells him to free Pragya immediately or else they all will be in trouble. Both Tanu and Alia are tensed because they know Abhi and Dadi would leave no stone unturned to get Pragya back home safe and sound. When Neel realizes what trouble he is in, he instructs his goons to kill Pragya.
Will Abhi be able to save Pragya in time or will this be the end for Abhi-Gya?

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